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I've learned from my mistakes and am getting better at making them.

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Founder of the world's slowest growing religion, cdpoint was born in situ in 1958, and then again in Virginia in late 1959, and finally in 1960, in a memorable six week run at the Sands in Vegas.

A child prodigy, cdpoint kept this fact to himself throughout his childhood. Then, fearing the shock of the revelation would upset his family, he continued to adopt the guise of a youth of average intelligence until graduation from college, at which point it seemed more socially acceptable to refrain from unnecessary displays of intellectual prowess. Since college, he's observed that nobody likes a know-it-all, and consequently continued to hide his light under a bushel basket. But ladies, let me tell ya, if you were to see the actual size of his I.Q., you'd be like, "Whoa! Hello, sailor!"

For much of the last twenty-odd years, his whereabouts have been a mystery. Specifically, page 34 of Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Bulbous Protractor, into which he fell by accident while browsing in Borge's "Library of Babel," which he had misread as "Babes." Although the experience did wonders for his waistline, it's left him with a residual longing to be squeezed by an earnest young girl detective.

You can be absolutely certain of his uncertainty. If there's anything cdpoint is sure of, it's that there isn't anything he's sure of. And yet ... somehow this fact never prevents him from making unfounded assertions with the blithe confidence of a David Hasselhoff striding out to sing for a stadium packed with Schlager fans. To some incognescenti, this aspect of his personality might seem off-putting. Fortunately, there remains a tiny minority of truly discerning people who recognize brilliance when they're smacked by it, and who continue to trombone cdpoint's unique qualities in public fora and spams--at least, until his checks start bouncing.

As addictive as potato chips, as invigorating as a quick dip into a Bessemer forge, as entertaining as the minutes of semi-biennial ad-hoc subworking group to the Administrative Affairs Panel of the Policy Committee of the Advisory Council to the European Union, here, in all its gory, is cdpoint's journal.

And you thought there was nothing left to live for.

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